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Jun 18 '13

Permalink 07:51:27 pm, Categories: High Witness Report  

Florida and Tennessee have a lot in common it seems. We both have shit for legislators…Political party be damned.

Yes, Florida has become the Nashville of the Caribbean. With a legislature and Governor’s office full of perverts, white collar criminals and other assorted talking-monkeys, Florida has taken bold steps to earn the scorn of all freedom loving Americans.

Bongs. They passed a law to ban Bongs. :crazy:

It goes without saying that such an effort, which has failed every time in other states and Federally, is an exercise in failure. But it’s also an exercise in cruelty and fiscal irresponsibility. The glass blowing industry is a large, complex industry. Many good people make their livings on their art. And like all hard working people, they pay taxes and generate revenue.

Bottom line? Florida politicians are an embarrassment to this country and our people. Meet State Representative Darryl Ervin Rouson - D St.Petersburg

Possessed by the ghost of some really evil white dude.

It’s sad that this low life fuckwit was ever elected in the first place. It’s downright shameful that he is the lying, two-faced hypocrite shitbird we have found him to be. This asshat, Rouson, stated that Bongs are “utensils of death". There really are no words to describe the idiocy and absolute prevarication involved in that statement. One simply cannot explain it. One only feels like slapping the crack out of this slimy punk’s head.

Which reminds me…

Rouson actually is a crack addict. This is what happens when stupid people are allowed to vote. We here in Tennessee are all too familiar with the results of the intellectually challenged finding their way to the polls. They have Rouson, we have Shipley.

Not only is Rouson a crackhead, but he also boasts multiple DUIs as well. Perhaps if he commits a few rapes, or a carjacking or two, he’ll make Governor one day.

The really funny thing about this legislation, which was signed into law by Florida’s Skinhead Nazi governor, Rick Scott, is that this effort against glass pipes has been tried before, in many states and even Federally, countless times in the past. Then Attorney General, John Asscroft, initiated Operation Pipe Dreams in 2003. A nationwide assault on glass smoking devices. It failed after yielding only 55 arrests nationally. Only Tommy Chong ended up doing time and that was only due to his stature as a Marijuana hero.
Law enforcement in all but two states refused to waste their time and effort for such nonsense.

Federal Law acknowledges that a pipe is not drug related until it is used for an illegal purpose.

Sorry to hear about your downfall, Florida. But with crackheads and skinheads and other such vermin being elected to public office, your days are numbered. A very sad state of affairs in a very sad excuse for a state.

“Stand your ground", Florida Bong lovers. Refuse to comply with this absurdity and clog the system. This is definitely an issue worth standing up for. Headshop owners across the country stood their ground where herbal incense was concerned and we won major victories. Now we have to stand up for freedom again as we always have. It may lead to court or jail but we have to stand up for our industry. Tommy Chong stood up and he had far more to lose than most of us.
We are many, they are few.

If you reside in the State of Florida, this is how you let this dolt know what you think of his back-assward ways:


State Representative Darryl Ervin Rouson - D St.Petersburg

Capitol Office
212 The Capitol
402 South Monroe Street
Tallahassee, FL 32399-1300
Phone: (850) 717-5070

District Office
Suite D
6501 25th Way South
St. Petersburg, FL 33712-5665
Phone: (727) 906-3200


Manatee Office: Suite 304
302 Manatee Avenue East
Bradenton, FL 34208-1901
Phone: (941) 708-8570

May 20 '13

Permalink 10:43:35 pm, Categories: High Witness Report  

Ray Manzarek, Founder and keyboardist for the legendary rock band The Doors has passed away.

There are a lot of good musicians. There’s even a healthy number of great musicians in the world today…. But that which was once abundant, but is now rare and nearly extinct, is painful to lose.

Musical genius.

In a time of half-witted, Elvis wannabe dolts and re-manufactured pop stars, musical genius is seen about as often as little green men from Mars. Ray Manzarek was the epitome of musical genius.
Not only did he join the likes of Jon Lord, Jerry Lee Lewis, Liberace, Chuck Leavell and Billy Preston in keyboard greatness, Ray Manzarek influenced multiple generations of psychedelic musicians and rock n roll perfection. He was a truly amazing performer to watch and listen to.

Though the Doors persona was exclusively that of Jim Morrison, Ray was the Doors sound. He set the mood of the music and carried the essence of The Doors in his arms like a small, fragile child. Nurturing and loving it until it grew to become one of the most recognized sounds in musical history.

There is a large piece of my soul missing tonight. It’s name is Ray Manzarek.
Thank you, brother, for your warm embrace. You will be sorely missed.

“For the music is your special friend
Dance on fire as it intends
Music is your only friend
Until the end… “

Mar 25 '13

The TNGA. The biggest bi-partisan collection of morons in the nation.

This state is so beautiful, why must we endure this kind of humiliation?
Lord God…. Please deliver us from the hands of the asshats. We humbly beg forgiveness for whatever it was we did to incur your wrath.



Mar 10 '13

Permalink 03:42:16 pm, Categories: Tennessee Politics  

Another example of Legislation sans Intelligence. Something Tennessee has unfortunately become famous for. But with a Legislature full of malcontents, what can ya do?

From the San Francisco Chronicle:

Tenn. bill would require proof of meningitis shots
By LUCAS L. JOHNSON II, Associated Press
Updated 7:51 am, Sunday, March 10, 2013

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) — Chris Wilson believes his nephew would still be alive if his college had required him to get a meningitis vaccination.

Middle Tennessee State University freshman Jacob Nunley died last year less than 24 hours after contracting meningococcal meningitis, a bacterial infection of the membranes covering the brain and spinal cord.

“That’s the most difficult thing to deal with,” Wilson said, “the fact that the vaccination was there. All he had to do was get it.”

Currently, MTSU and most other public colleges and universities in Tennessee only recommend getting the vaccination to prevent the contagious disease.

Tennessee lawmakers are hoping to prevent deaths with legislation that would require incoming students at public higher education institutions to show proof they have gotten a meningitis shot. The bill would exempt students if a doctor says they can’t take the vaccine because of a medical condition or if the inoculation violates their religious beliefs.

The measure passed the Senate last week and is nearing a vote on the House floor.

“The purpose of the bill is to help save lives,” said Senate sponsor Lowe Finney, a Jackson Democrat whose district includes Nunley’s hometown, Dyersburg.

The legislation, called the Jacob Nunley Act, comes at a time of heightened awareness about meningitis.

According to the state Health Department, seven cases of the meningococcal meningitis were reported in Tennessee last year. Of those cases, one resulted in the death of the patient. One case has been reported so far this year, and that person also died as a result of the disease.

Now at face value it sounds like a good idea, trying to keep disease to a minimum in institutional environments. But then it takes only half a sentence for a Tennessee politician to nullify all things good with that classic TNGA stoooopidity.

“…or if the inoculation violates their religious beliefs.”

Religious freedom is sacred to me, no doubt. but my own religious views DO NOT excuse me from passing on a deadly virus to another person. How ignorant can these Asshats possibly get? Give a free pass to some snake handler to infect another student? How many students are so afraid of needles (or with this last generation even give enough of a fuck) that they’d just make shit up to avoid the injection?
Then there’s the cost. Though I may be wrong, I find that some Meningitis shots can cost a hundred dollars or more.
Who gets that windfall, btw?

Now, this isn’t exactly an attack on Lowe Finney, but his top contributors are “Health", “Hospitials and Nursing Homes” and “Jackson Clinic”.
(Hey, he’s a politician. It never hurts to check.) But that’s another matter altogether.

When you’re trying to keep students healthy to the point of legislative efforts to that end, why do you leave an out of any kind? Either do it or don’t. The “out” is if you don’t like it, don’t attend. Your religious beliefs are not, nor will they ever be, more important than the life of an aspiring young person.

Once again, a rare piece of potentially helpful legislation from the TNGA is rendered valueless by the spirit of asshatitude that forever lurks in the isles of our Capital.

Our hearts go out to Jacob Nunley and his family. Hopefully the TNGA will do something substantial instead of the average waste of effort.

Mar 7 '13

Summary of Current Events

Permalink 07:09:17 pm, Categories: Democraps and Republitards, Had to post it  

It’s good that there’s a lot going on, it’s just bad that so much of it is sheer stupidity.

1) Morning the loss of a Courageous Man.

Regardless of the opinions about Hugo Chavez, there can be no denying his love for the poor and downtrodden. His compassion is legendary and has resulted in his stature as the greatest leader in Venezuela’s history.
A soldier of revolution, Chavez earned his respect through an effective mixture of toughness and compassion.

As the masses of his supporters take to the streets to morn his loss, his legacy of compassion will obviously endure for a long time to come.

2) Rand Paul: Finally, a real man in the Senate.

Rand Paul, Liberal Republican son of Presidential candidate Ron Paul, took a stand against evil. On the Senate floor he filibustered the Obama Administration’s use of Armed Drones and plans to use Drones against American citizens. The chief aspect of his filibuster was to protest the appointment of Neocon traitor, John Brennen, to head the CIA. Brennen was unfortunately confirmed this afternoon. A dark day for freedom in America and an even darker one for Barack Obama who has officially sold this country and it’s people out.

Those who support Neocons are every bit the traitors they are. Now, Obama joins them in their treachery. He has handed the most important intelligence agency in the world over to a piece of shit that has no concept of compassion, decency or loyalty to country and people.
Rand Paul is a hero for bringing light to such a critical matter and in doing so gained a strong awareness of just how important this issue really is.

Brennen’s background is well known to those who keep their eyes open. He was Dick Cheney’s #2 during the Bush administration and Cheney’s #anything is unacceptable.

3) Arrests for Marijuana exceed arrests for violent crime.

The Huffington Post, which ain’t what it used to be, still manages to come up with a genuinely Liberal point to make and this one is of the most genuine. There is no excuse, other than sheer cowardice, for law enforcement to spend more time and resources trying to bust pot smokers and headshops than they spend fighting society’s predators.

The DEA and the FBI (Dept. of Homeland Security) have wasted countless effort and funding to treat average American citizens like murderers while at the same time allowing the violent to go unaccounted for. The only reason I can think of is cowardice. Just too goddamn chickenshit to take on the dangerous hordes on the Mexican border.
The peaceful tend to make easier targets so the peaceful go to prison while the predators go free. That is the state of national law enforcement in America today and it is beyond disgusting. It is treasonous to the people of this nation.

If this is where our government’s priorities lie then we, my friends, are fucked.

4) Civilian Diplomacy: Making politicians look stupid.

Basketball weirdo, Dennis Rodman, recently went to North Korea to meet the boy-king Kim Jong-un. In doing so, Rodman made a remarkable find. Kim Jr. does not call the shots in North Korea. He’s just a dumb kid who likes basketball, Dolphins and personal dialogue with world leaders.
The kid just asked for a phone conversation with Barack Obama. One that the Cold War loving Obama has yet to find the guts to make.

Makes one wonder if we don’t get lied to about NK as much as Kim Jong-un gets lied to by his military leaders.
Still, the most distressing fact to come from the Rodman visit is that he managed to accomplish in a few days what Hillary Clinton failed to do in four years. Chill lil’ Kim the fuck out.
Even John Kerry was humiliated by Rodman’s efforts. After all, the Cold War is all about unnecessarily escalating tensions. Thusly, diplomatic success is counter productive to the big lie. Clinton failed because it was her job to fail. Success was never the objective.

The moral of this story? Politicians are worthless fucks. Power to the people.

Way to stuff ‘em, Dennis.

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