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Feb 20 '08

Hang it up, Hillary.

Permalink 03:35:04 pm, Categories: The Founding Father's Flying Circus  

Time for Hillary, if she cares anything about her own party (which she doesn’t) to stand down and get out of the way of progress…

How much longer are we going to have to listen to Hillary and her legion of suck-ass Centrists make excuses? How much more time are we going to waste?
The time is now for Democrats to begin to focus 100% on defeating John McCain.

It’s over.

Hillary Clinton is now little more than a obstacle. A felled tree in the middle of the Progressive highway.
Go home, Hillary. Go back to NY and concentrate on being a Senator. Hopefully, a better one than you have been in the past.
The people in this party have spoken and in case you didn’t hear it, we said “NO!”
“NO!” to you and Billy Boy and your odoriferous presence amongst the Democratic hierarchy. “NO!” to your lies and pathetic whining. “NO!” to the temper tantrums and mood swings.
“NO!” to Harold Ford Jr. and the rest of those DLC vermin you actually represent.

Just plain “NO!”

We will not sit idly by any longer and allow you, your husband, your friends in Crawford, and the Zionists that pull their strings to blaze any more trails to oblivion.
We will lead, you will follow. And we lead you to the door.

One last act of grace (even Nixon could handle that) would allow you to depart with at least some semblance of dignity. Do what’s best for the Democratic party and shut ‘er down.
Stuff a cork in Bill and take him with you too.

The cows have come home, baby. Time for you and your misandrious, Femocon followers to draw milk.

It’s the Oligarchy, stupid. Real Democrats don’t want you. We damn sure don’t want your buddy Bush or any other member of his brood.
There is no political equivalent to a Royal Flush in Spades in your near future. You’re done.
Quit making yourself look like a spoiled child that isn’t mature enough to handle rejection.

Read my lips, it’s over. And if that’s not clear enough, perhaps some sign language will help…


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