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Feb 23 '13

Liberals In Name Only

Permalink 02:45:44 pm, Categories: Democraps and Republitards, Had to post it, Obamarama  

Well, someone has to say it and that usually means me. I’ve come to hate blogging. It’s mostly a waste of my time anymore but I guess I have this dedication to the Liberal side of the world that I can’t seem to rid myself of. In fact, I hate politics, politicians, social networks etc. etc.
Why? Good question….

The President we all voted for is a miserable failure. And nobody (seemingly nobody but me) seems to care anymore. Whatever happened to holding our elected official’s feet to the fire? Whatever happened to the blogs and other sites that once demanded performance from those we invested our time, money and efforts in to? Oh sure, there’s still a few. But the big blogs (Raw Story, MotherJones, Truthout…) have fallen silent when it comes to demanding performance from lazy-ass politicians like Barack Obama.

Then there’s the Gay blogs (LGBT, whatever). I find it particularly frustrating that… No, wait…It pisses me the fuck off that I spent years upon years advocating for equal rights for homosexuals only to find the Gay community has stabbed the Liberal movement in the back. Sorry, queers, but it’s true. You got what WE (not you), WE fought for. Equal rights and the appropriate protections that accompany them. You yelled and screamed early on in Obambi’s tenure because he didn’t do anything for you. He flip-flopped regularly on Gay Marriage early on (if you haven’t forgotten). WE, the non-Gay Liberals, stood up and joined you in your outrage. But in the end WE got you the equal rights all American citizens should enjoy.

And now you fuck us (no pun intended).

Do a tour of the top Gay blogs on the net.
HP’s Gay Voices
AmericaBlog Gay
Queers United
Joe. My. God.

You see anyone criticizing The Obama Administration for it’s non-Gay failures? Which, btw, are as abundant as the stars in the sky. It absolutely enrages me that so called “Liberals", especially Gays, are refusing to call this President to account for his lies and deceit. Willfully blind. That’s what it amounts to.
At first we all wanted Obama to do well and be the champion of what is right. But reality is a formitable foe and it has, or so it seems, become too much for most of us to handle. More to the point, all too many Liberals have lost their balls. And that is indeed a shame.

Monsanto, drilling oil in all the wrong places, they’re still tearing off mountain tops for coal, rubbing noses with Neocons (Brennen), DEA harassing and robbing small businesses, Federal prosecutors driving kids to suicide

Where is that Public Option? Why are my people still homeless and hungry? Why are gangs that murder teenagers not being rounded up and locked away? Why are gas prices not under control? Why is there still a Patriot Act?

Drones anyone?

The man is a joke. You could see we’d been had when he was picking his cabinet after being elected.
Granted, a better choice than McLame, but we have sat by and allowed this fool to laugh in our faces as he bumps uglies with the Right Wing.

Paying homage to Gays isn’t anywhere close to good enough.

This is a failed, lying president and I feel like one of the only Liberal bloggers in the country that has tried to keep this quack on the hot seat.
Face it, we’ve been had. Been had by the Democratic Party, been had by the LGBT, been had by most of the once powerful A League Liberal Bloggers. Complacency. We now practice the very evil we always railed against. That makes us hypocrites and there is no place in the Liberal realm for hypocrites.

Junior Neocons in Training

Kudos to SLATE, Think Progress and the other few Liberal leaders for not turning your backs on the movement.


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