Timothy Hill and Bart Long: The Dregs of North-East Tennessee Politics


Timothy Hill and Bart Long: The Dregs of North-East Tennessee Politics

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Rarely is there ever a respectable person from Sullivan County found in public office. There are a few, but we want to alert you to some exceptional jokers who happen to be running in the upcoming elections.

Bart Long:

Aside from the obvious conflict of interest generated by a guy in the real estate business running for Register of Deeds, it occurs to us that Bart Long’s fiscal responsibility may be very questionable.

Have you seen how many campaign signs this clown has out? Hundreds of them, all over the county. Thousands and thousands of dollars worth of signage….to get a job that pays around 30K a year?
Whats the motivation, Mr. Long? Real estate biz floundering? You could always fill Mumpower’s old job baggin’ groceries if it’s that bad.

But then again, the real estate biz must be booming. Thousands in signs? Who paid for that? You? Out of pocket?
If it’s that good, why Register of Deeds? Surely there’s more money in selling old houses.
Pathway to Planning Commission where you can really drop the hammer on your competition?

I understand that Bart Long is “very proud” of his Republican affiliation. That by it’s self is cause to question Long’s ethics. There is nothing for a Republican to be proud of unless failure has all of a sudden become en vogue.

Vote Duncan for Register of Deeds.

Timothy Hill:

You’ve gotta be fucking kidding me.

Timothy Hill is simply a punk. Just like his brother, his Bible exploiting daddy, his mentor, failed Congressman David ‘Jesus Pimp’ Davis and his benefactor, the thief John Gregory (Tennessee Conservative PAC).
They are all fake Christians that exploit the faith of others for personal and political gain.

The entire family are corrupt, unethical clowns and should never be involved in public service in any way.
They are all down for themselves and will never help anyone in this area in any way unless they profit from it.
Only an utter fool would vote for filth like this.

The fact that the Hills are ethically challenged is proven by the fact that they were caught removing unflattering facts (relationship to the thief John Gregory) about David Davis and Matthew Hill from Wikipedia. A behavior on the ethics level of plagiarism…

Timothy Hill, 28, is the brother of state Rep. Matthew Hill, R-Jonesborough, and the son of Tennessee Regulatory Authority Director Kenneth Hill.

In 2007, Timothy Hill was caught using a government computer to delete information in the online Wikipedia biographies of then-U.S. Rep. David Davis and Matthew Hill.

At the time, Timothy Hill was Davis’ press secretary and communications director.

Timothy Hill attempted to delete information about Davis’ and Matthew Hill’s ties to King Pharmaceuticals and its former CEO, John Gregory, a major contributor to Republican candidates and conservative causes.

Hill is also a John Gregory (King Pharm/United Coal) worshiper. Gregory being the thief that ripped TennCare and Medicare off for millions of taxpayer dollars.
The Tennessee Conservative PAC founded by Gregory is also located within the Leitner Pharmaceuticals Building. They are all from the same insidious ilk.

John Gregory, Ron Ramsey, David Davis, Jim Holcomb, the Hill brood, Bart Long?…..
Pure, Jesus exploiting filth.

Gonna vote for these scum, Sullivan County? Go ahead, show us just how fucking stupid you really are.

John Gregory Inc., everyone involved with you and everyone that supports you in any way. For all you do, this blog’s for you.

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YouTube: Timothy "TimoChe" Hill: Republican Corporate Socialist
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